I had a bunch of pictures from another trip to the woods, but the exposure was messed up and they were all too bright. (No one cares, Beth.) So……….you get these instead. 
One of my favorite things about being out in the woods is coming up on a low area, because it’s a big dark spot in the middle of brightness. Without fail, for I am a nerd, I will point and say, “IT’S DARK AND FOREBODING.”
Love the dark and foreboding.

While in this particular dark and foreboding spot, the husband saw this tree. I was busy looking at a huge boulder that looked like a chia pet.

It was hit by lightning at some point, and must have burned pretty good for awhile before it sputtered out.

And there’s your natural resources lesson of the day.

See you later.

2 thoughts on “A Lightning-Struck Tree”

  1. In the decades (almost three) we've lived in our house, at least two trees in our yard have been struck by lightning, but (thankfully) none of them burned like that one. The first tree was close to the house and made us jump when it was hit because it was so loud, the second one was further away. The bark fell off that tree where the lightning hit.

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