I am having one of those moments? weeks? ETERNITIES? when I cannot think of anything to say on here, so…there’s that. Lucky you.

This was my breakfast, however.

Waffles, obviously. It’s like waffle week around here. 
Oh, and last week I organized my ~hosiery~. This is not a fun task and I don’t recommend it. The leggings can just stay tangled forever from now on.

This really is the extent of the excitement around here. Along with a nasty headache on Monday, picking up antibiotics for the dog on Tuesday, because she has a nasty ear infection that doesn’t want to clear up, and of course the pills are the size of Volkswagens, so getting her to take them is nearly impossible. 
The highlight of my week was going to Hobby Lobby and buying this. 

Because who doesn’t need 4 ounces of loose black glitter? I have a feeling I am going to spill this in the very near future, and will have to live in a pile of black glitter for the rest of my life. 
The glitter is for a DIY I hope to start soon, and what is it with DIY projects? You spend forever getting all the things together to make The Thing You Set Out To Make In The First Place. 
Oh man. This corner of the internet is wasted on me right now, as I whine about life. Erg. 
Have a good weekend. Eat ice cream, at the very least. 

2 thoughts on “The Well is Dry”

  1. Have you had your rescheduled house showing yet? If you spill the glitter, you can give it a positive spin by adding "It sparkles!" to your real estate ad.

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