I am going to say this without knocking on wood, and with any luck it will not turn around and bite me in the ass, but this winter has been pretty mild so far. This is good not only because I wish winter would just go away, but because we are out of firewood. This year we just burned up what we had left from years previous, and that’s that. We are using the gas furnace instead, and I do not miss having to go down into the murder basement to stoke the fire. 
Does your basement (if you have one) look like it would be the perfect setting for a grisly murder? Discuss. 
Everybody and their mama is coming up to northern Wisconsin right now to snowmobile, and that ranks right up there on The List of Things I Would Rather Not Do. Everybody and their brother is out ice fishing, and while I do enjoy fishing, that is also on The List. This is why we’re trying to move away. We are not winter people.
The extent of my winter activities is…hiking. You guessed it. (Does shopping count, as well? CARDIO.) The problem is that a lot of these winter pictures look very…

…blah. The snow makes everything look the same, and it’s annoying.

We hiked to the top of this hill, which looks very small but wasn’t, and my hip was out of place the entire time. Within five minutes of starting, dressed up like the Michelin man in all of my winter gear, my foot slid and my hip popped out of place. 
I huffed and puffed, nearly lost a lung, and made it to the top of the hill. My husband, who is in shape, was not even breathing hard. He is a buttface. 
(It was the next afternoon before my damn hip went back where it belongs.)

Next week is supposed to be warm, so maybe I’ll get out and see something interesting. Or I’ll go shopping. 
It’s a toss-up. 

One thought on “In the Woods, Winter Edition”

  1. I'll knock on wood for you because, fingers crossed, our winter has also been mild. Of course, our coldest winter on record would seem mild by your standards. The downside of a mild winter is more bugs in the summer, but there you go. We can't have it both ways.

    Your hip popped out of place? OUCH! That sounds awful. Glad it's back where it belongs.

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