While I don’t jump on every social media bandwagon (the first time I wrote that, I wrote bangwagon accidentally, and now I can’t stop laughing) I have tried a bunch. As a person that lives in the middle of nowhere and hasn’t traveled much, I love social media. Being able to talk to people halfway around the world, and see what their life is like, is something that I absolutely love. 
However, not all social media outlets are created equal. Here’s how I am feeling about all of them right now, GIF-Illustrated For Your Pleasure.
I will never, ever, on pain of death, join Facebook. Facebook is the devil. Just….no.


Instagram seems like it would be a perfect fit for me. Really perfect, because who loves taking pictures? This girl. In reality, Instagram is full of people that carefully orchestrate each shot, and photoshop their selfies. 
I am incredibly meh about Instagram. If you’re really into pictures of someone’s cats, dogs, or kids, then it’s great. 

me, its biggest brownie point is the number of professional
photographers that use it. I am a sad little girl with a camera compared
to them, but I love seeing their work.

Tumblr is weird. Here is mine. Tumblr is full of absolutely bizarre people, beautiful photography, art, cartoons, and pretty much whatever else you can think of. Follow a few people with similar interests, and you’re on the way to discovering a lot of cool stuff. 
Also, there’s a lot of boobs. 
Twitter is bae, and always will be. The 140-character limit forces you to be concise, creative, and limits any serious ranting, thank Jesus. There will always be those people that make you want to jab your eyeballs out with a spoon, but Twitter has both a Mute and a Block button. Use them wisely.
Ok, so I am 100 years old, and this is confusing at first. Hell, I’m still somewhat confused, but getting there. You send pictures that disappear after being viewed. It’s fun. And there are snapchatters that somehow manage to make a 10-second video absolutely hilarious, so that’s a bonus. 
Dancing Jesus has nothing to do with this, I’ve just had that GIF lying around for ages and wanted to finally use the damn thing.
So there you have it. The above places (minus Facebook) are where I’m at when I’m not here. Or doing daily life stuff. Like laundry. You know. 
Have a good weekend!