During the Great House Remodel of 2015, I bought toolboxes to hold makeup and other girl-stuff, and in order to fit them in the bedroom, the whole room had to be rearranged. 
This has led to me not sleeping. Ever. I don’t get dark circles, but my undereyes turn a very pleasant yellow-dying-of-jaundice color, and two weeks ago my husband said…’Why is the skin under your eyes so yellow?’ and I might have said something like BECAUSE I HAVEN’T SLEPT IN THREE MONTHS, THAT’S WHY. 
I couldn’t take it anymore, so the rearranging began. The closet was cleaned out and rearranged, and now the toolboxes fit inside. The bedroom was rearranged, with the bed placed back the way it was. 
But I didn’t like it. 
Three thrift stores, one hardware store, and one trip to Walmart later…
At a thrift store in Upper Michigan, I walked right by this and didn’t see it. Luckily, the husband pointed it out to me. This nightstand was $25, and it came home with me. It has *patina*.

One $3.99 Goodwill lamp.

One pineapple dish (I find this thing unbelievably cute) a few Fire King bowls from the 50s, and a relish tray.


Oh, and a $5 lampshade from Walmart. 

Menards had 6 x 9 foot rugs on sale for $45, so we bought one to set the bed on, and they had throw pillows on sale for $3.99. I am a clearance rack queen.

And the verdict is…I can sleep. Not great, but better. The room is cozier, and I finally have a good nightstand that I can pile books on, like a normal person.

Does anyone else rearrange furniture all the time, or is it just me?

See you later!