I come from one of those families that gets incurably bored during the holidays. At least when you’re a kid, there are toys to play with, or doors to slam if you’re a moody teenager. But as an adult…oy vey. Such was the case in 2015. Lordy, we were bored.
So we went out in the woods on the 26th, because it was something to do. It was just after a snowfall, and everything was lookin’ good. (It was balls cold outside, which is why I have finally, after 400 years, bought myself some cute winter boots and ski pants. I shall go outside and walk around this winter if it kills me.)

If this looks at all familiar, it’s because we were just there, earlier in December, with the dog. 

There was barely any wind, and therefore the snow stayed put on the trees.

We walked around there for awhile before heading out to another place we visited in 2015. I think I prefer it in the fall, but this will do.

This is the same stinky mud hole I mentioned in that post from last fall. We weren’t the ones to break up all the ice, some other doofus went ripping through there before us. At least the mud didn’t stink anymore, it was enough to kill a buzzard last time.

These last pictures were taken on another road, because we just went all over the place on this particular day. The road was narrow, and it ended up being quite pretty. 

Tomorrow (no, today. I am writing this Wednesday night Thursday night. [I am apparently confounded by time.]) it is supposed to be in the upper 20s, which is pretty warm for winter around here. The plan is to get back out there, and maybe see something interesting. 
Like a yeti. 
Have a good weekend!

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  1. Gorgeous pictures! Love it when the snow sits in the trees. Of course, my fingers and toes got cold just looking at it, but I'm sure you have the correct clothing for such an adventure.

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