After dithering for 600 years, I finally bought a Z Palette last month. A Z Palette is a magnetic makeup palette, used to hold individual makeup pans. For those of us (me) that hate bulky packaging, a Z Palette is nice because you can de-pot your makeup and put it into one, single, solitary palette. 
The downside to a Z Palette is that they are stupidly expensive for what you get, a magnetic cardboard box with a window. I mean really. Almost $20 for a magnetic box. Not cool. 
Anyway, I had several eyeshadow palettes that I didn’t really like. I used 1 or 2 shadows from each, so what was the point of hanging onto them? No point, I say. They take up a lot of room that could be used for more makeup other, useful things. I also had a blush that I dropped and broke, and I figured I may as well de-pot that as well.

This is the ‘large’ size Z Palette. (It’s not large. In no way, shape, or form, is that thing large.) 

While everybody and their mother loves the Urban Decay Naked Palettes, I do not. I only use 1 color from this one, so I took a thin metal nail file and popped it out. This method does not work for everything, FYI, but some makeup can just be popped carefully from its packaging.

The blush popped right out of its container as well. This is a super-inexpensive NYC blush, but I love it, and have repurchased it several times. It’s a good one. And now it’s in a Z Palette, so I can stop breaking the damn container.

Not everything can be de-potted that easily. I broke 2 eyeshadows from other palettes, and the big bronzer down there would not come out without heat. The heat method (described in the link there) is a little frightening, but it works well. 

The Z Palette isn’t full yet, but I’m in no hurry. I am just pleased because things are more organized and I was able to get rid of some huge, bulky-ass packages. Seriously, those Wet n Wild bronzers come in flying saucers. What’s up with that.
It seems like I go on an organizational kick every winter, and this makeup organization was just the tip of the iceberg. There will be a few more organizing posts coming soon. Consider yourself warned. 
See you later!

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