This is my first winter without chickens or ducks since 2008. For seven years, I have trudged my butt outside in the freezing cold to give the birds fresh water, sometimes twice a day. I usually looked very alluring. 

This past summer, however, our last two birds left the flock. Our last chicken (that started from a batch of 27, bought in 2008) died from old age. This bird outlived an owl, a bobcat, and a raccoon, but could not survive just being old. Our last remaining duck escaped the pen and flew away, and looked as surprised as I was that she could fly. 
Yes, I felt absolutely shitty when that happened. 
It is very weird not having birds to feed and water, or a coop to clean. If we weren’t planning on moving, I would most likely have more birds by now. Instead, I shall just have look through pictures of the good old days, back when there were birds. 

I don’t exactly miss having to go out in the cold weather, but I do miss having them around. Particularly the chicken, as she was entertaining. 
There was no rooster around, so sometimes she would take it upon herself to crow. I am not making that up. 
See you later!

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