One of my Christmas presents last month was a new camera lens, a Tamron 18-200mm. (I say Christmas present, but I’ve had it since the beginning of December. Close enough.) I’ve had it almost two months, at any rate, and can now say that, yes indeedy, this is my new walk around lens. A walk around lens is the one that’s on your camera the most. Going for a hike? Walk around lens. Taking pictures inside your house? Walk around lens. It’s the one that is the most useful to you, and saves you from having to switch lenses all the time. 
And believe me, the first time you have to clean the sensor on your DSLR, a pants-wetting experience, you will want to change lenses less often, too.

I love that I took a picture of the box and it’s slightly out of focus. Whenever I talk about photography, it’s like getting hunting advice from Elmer Fudd. 

Here it is on the camera. She’s not tiny.

This lens has replaced my previous walk around lens, which was an 18-55mm. It’s not a bad lens, but it doesn’t take the sharpest photos, and isn’t large enough for my needs.
I can use this lens inside the house (usually without zooming at all) and I can take it into the woods and get pictures of animals (zoomed anywhere from 18-200mm) without having to bring along extra lenses. And that, for me, was the number one concern with the other lens – the damn thing didn’t let me get pictures of animals that were farther away. This one does.
This takes sharper images than my previous lens, and overall I’ve been very pleased with it. It does tend to hunt around a little when using auto-focus, but as I don’t use that too much, it’s not a big deal. It also can’t be used for photographing anything up close, it just won’t focus on it. Instead, you either have to switch lenses, or stand back and zoom the object in up close.
So there you have it, the lens that’s been on my camera for weeks now. While there are bigger, better, more expensive options, I’ve been liking this one just fine. A comparable lens, made by Pentax, is over $400. Catch me as I faint. 
That’s not even that expensive, in the photography world. 
Catch me as I faint. Again. 
See you later!

* As an aside, here – does my dog look hugely fat in that picture? I don’t think she does, but we took her to the vet on Wednesday and she weighs over 120 pounds. Lawd have mercy. My girl needs to go on a diet.

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  1. Wow, look at the eagle! Great catch and I would NEVER have guessed your dog weighs 120 pounds. She hides it well.

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