Whew, it’s been awhile since I did one of these. But today I am making up for it! Here are all of the books I’ve read recently.
 Let’s get this first one out of the way, as it’s a doozy, and only appeals to a bunch of history nerds.

Comanches: The History of a People by T.R. Fehrenbach. Okay, so this is a whopper of a book, and if you want to know what is quite literally the entire damn history of the Comanche tribe, then this is the book for you. It is very interesting, but holy moly. In order to understand a lot of the why of things, you have to know about a range of other topics, so the author covers quite a bit about the Apache Nation, the Spaniards, and Texans in general. 
I liked the book, obviously, it’s right up my alley.

Entreat Me by Grace Draven. Are you tired of hearing about Grace Draven yet, hmm? Too bad. Of course I liked this book. I’ve liked all of them. If you are into fantasy (which I am) and stories that are inspired by Beauty and the Beast (yaaassss) and a heroine who trucks no bullshit (ditto) then read this one.

Okay, so every year on Cyber Monday, Amazon has a huge book sale. I bought this one then, and I will not tell a lie, I mostly bought it because of its cover. This was a ghastly, ghastly mistake. I did not like this one at all. It’s about a 50-ish woman that goes home to Louisiana after her sister gets killed by a rhino. (See? This sounds amazing. This is why I bought it.) But it’s just…blah, and filled with characters that are just plain unlikable.

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas.

Oh ho ho. He. Hee-ho. There are no words to describe how fully and utterly I hated this book. It’s about a girl! Who kills a wolf! That turns out to be a fairy! And she gets taken to their magical land in payment for the life she took! And then the whole damn book just shits the bed.

This book has amazing reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, so I am definitely in the minority here. But this book reads like the author tried to mash Beauty and the Beast, Twilight, and the Hunger Games together, and fails miserably.

Oh, and also Tremors. Because there’s a giant worm-thing. I am not even kidding. This book would have been much improved had Kevin Bacon shown up during that part.

I automatically dislike any book where the author introduces a character WHOSE ONLY PURPOSE is to make a love-triangle-thing happen, just to wring a sequel out of the story. D-I-S-L-I-K-E. 

And finally, we have Our Mother’s War by Emily Yellin. I started this in May, then got so sidetracked by the house stuff that I put it down and forgot about it. 
This covers a lot of the roles that women played during WWII, from starlets to housewives to WACS, WAVES, and spies, and everything in between. It is very, very interesting, and I found out a lot of stuff I didn’t know. The book is peppered with letter excerpts from women who lived through the war, and it’s fascinating to read about it through their eyes. 
A favorite part was when the author was talking about female pilots. When Boeing came out with the B-29 bomber, men refused to fly it because it wasn’t tested as thoroughly as other planes. So women flew it. Once the men saw women doing it, they finally flew the damn thing. 

Have a good day, I shall return before the New Year!

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  1. Our Mothers' War does sound like quite a story. And thanks for the warnings about the books that were a waste of time.

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