Last month the husband and I made one last stab at trying to find a lake that we couldn’t find before. Last time we took a fairly direct route, and this time we tried approaching from a different angle. The road, she was bumpy.

But it was a warm day for November, and the sun hit the frost and everything started to steam. 

We’ve been back here before. This is the same road that leads to an old logging camp that we walked back to last year. Only this time, we walked past the camp and into the woods, and this is where things got…murky.

As we made our way toward the lake, the ground got lower and lower…

…until we were in the damn swamp again. I stopped walking when I took a step and water gurgled around my boot for a solid ten seconds. That was enough for me. My husband walked another hundred feet or so, but it was too wet. 

On the bright side, we found a very big stump. I love very big stumps. 

I took this picture on a different part of the road, on the way back out to the truck. I think I was just happy to not have wet boots anymore. 
I think the maps are lying when they say there’s a lake in this area. I think map-makers just sit back and have a big laugh about it, knowing people are out trying to find it. I am not about to walk through 100 feet of bog to find it, so the mystery shall remain. 
Have a good weekend!