Okay, this isn’t off to a good start. I typed ‘the house closest to our lake.’ Get it together, Remmy. Ahem. The lake closest to our house is iced over. That should not have been that difficult. 

I know there are people that never see a lake freeze, so here ya go. It happens. These pictures were taken on December 4, so some of the smaller lakes have been frozen over for a while already. The temperatures here have been (delightfully) well above normal, so it’s taken awhile for the larger lakes to ice over.

Here is a much larger lake, half-open. 

I have no feeling one way or the other concerning frozen lakes. I hate that it means it’s cold out, but that’s about it, as I am not an ice-fisher, or a snowmobiler. One of my favorite times of year is in the spring when I can drive around and spot some doofus out on the ice when it’s black, melting, and there’s open water 10 feet away.
I probably shouldn’t get enjoyment out of that, but I do. It’s not that I hope they fall in, but…you know. If it happened, I might find it funny before I had to go fish them out. 
Have a good weekend!