The older I get, the more I prioritize things. The holidays make me crazy, and this year I finally said…enough. Holy moly. I don’t need anything, my husband already bought me what I wanted (a new camera lens) and you know what, damn it? I don’t really like hot roasted ham. Or turkey. We celebrate on Christmas Eve, and I made pulled chicken sandwiches with homemade barbecue sauce, and coleslaw. 
Jingle all the way.
So, in the spirit of Let’s Not Give Beth An Ulcer, everything has been low-key and lovely the past few days, and I have avoided being a stressed lunatic. 

If you’ve ever made these cookies before, can we just take a moment to complain about having to unwrap all those damn chocolates? Yeesh. 

The lady of the manor. 

It was a Christmas Eve miracle, we woke up to snow. Actual snow, sticking to the ground, for the first time this year. (This was last year, for reference.) My husband did some unnecessary plowing this morning. I think it was just for the hell of it, to be honest.

I did get the greatest gift of all – a giant Snickers bar. 

All in all, a good, much-less-irritating holiday than usual. 
In less than a week this wretched year will be over, and I could not be more pleased. (Did I mention that two weeks ago my husband hit a deer? His car now has a deer’s ass print in the hood and we had to buy new headlights. 2015, YOU DEVIL.)
I shall see you next week at some point.
Go forth and eat cookies. 

2 thoughts on “Holly Jolly”

  1. We keep Christmas as low-key as possible since all the children in the family are now grown. Glad you didn't stress yourself out this year.

    I laughed at the "slice 'n share" comment on the Snickers' label even before I scrolled down to see you had circled it and laughed, too. Who are they kidding?

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