Look at me, actually sneaking this in before 2016. I’m like a professional. Somewhat. Not really. Anyway. Here are my Years in Review for 2014, 2013, and 2012. Apparently 2011 wasn’t worthy enough for me to recap.
This year I wrote 112 posts, and uploaded (roughly) 738 pictures. That’s quite a bit less than years previous, but I also started posting less this year. For whatever reason, I had it in my head that posting three times a week was NECESSARY. And then I realized that I’m fairly dull, don’t leave the house much, and don’t have that much to talk about. Twice a week is better.
Sidenote – I will never be a pro blogger because I can’t think of enough new content to churn out for my personal brand. If you imagined me typing that while simultaneously making the wank-off motion, you would be correct in your imaginings.
Shut up, Beth, and get on with the recap already. Another sidenote – this was a very dull year for us. No trips, no vacations, no big exciting things. So this roundup is…lacking in excitement.
In January, I replaced my worn-out camera and had much fun.
 In February I closed my vintage shop on Etsy and finally got pictures of chickadees.
In March we started remodeling the house, and ripped up the floor in our laundry room. There were interesting things under there.

April….was pretty boring. I made cake!


In May I dyed my hair for the first time in my life, worked on the house, went hiking a lot, and was generally pleased with life.



June was weird. I couldn’t sleep well that month and re-watched Mommie Dearest for the first time in years. I also posted a little how-to on cutting a men’s t-shirt so it stops strangling you.



July was all about finishing up the house remodel. I talked about my favorite free printables, how to add a photo to a canvas, and we drove around in the woods. Not aimlessly, but you know. Aimlessly.



In August we listed our house for sale! Finally! And I made more cake, and knitted a shrug…thing. Our internet was out for a week and I just barely managed to not lose my mind. I might have bought a coloring book.


From what I can remember, I spent most of September in the woods. This did not suck.

In October we went in search of an abandoned church, and found it.

Ummm….so November was dull as dirt. Woods. More sleep deprivation. I made fried chicken for Thanksgiving dinner and kvetched about what a spectacularly not-fun year this has been.
And finally, this month. December has been…fine. 2015 has been a doozy and the hits just keep on coming (our wood furnace blew a fuse on Tuesday, so the blower wouldn’t run. Yay!) Christmas was a quiet affair and yes, I have eaten that giant Snickers bar already. No shame in my game.
We are not gracefully bowing out of 2015, but barreling toward 2016 like the bulls at Pamplona.
See you in 2016!


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