These pictures were taken on October 4, so I’m only almost a month behind. Oops. We went out in the woods again, and just looking at these pictures makes me sad because all the leaves are down now. That means winter is right around the corner. Crap.
This particular place is where my dad used to hunt, so I’ve been going here since I was…wee. And when I was wee, this was a road. An old road, but a road. It has grown up, oh, a smidge.

I remember when these trees were like a foot tall. Lawdy mama.

Fun fact: When needles fall from trees and get hung up on the branches, it is oddly unsettling. For some reason. 

There is a trail here. Pinky-swear. We had to scout around a bit before we found it, but it’s there. It’s been three years since I was last out here, so it took a minute.

Something went HAM on this log, looking for bugs. 

And this was just unpleasant to walk through, unless you’re into the whole pincushion thing. 
All in all, it was a beautiful day to walk a few miles, and to continually say GOOD GOD THESE TREES ARE HUGE. 
With the house being up for sale, we’re trying to hit all of our favorite places one last time, just to make sure we get there. Who knows, we might still be here for another year, but you never know. 
See you later!

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  1. To travel the same trails as you did as a child with all of the memories is something special indeed. I loved this post.

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