The husband…found things. In the woods. And because I like old abandoned stuff more than I probably should, of course I wanted to go see it. It was cold, the ground was squishy, and I got slapped in the face by two different branches, but I survived. (One of those branches came back and pinged me right on the forehead. That one stung for awhile.)

I was very disappointed that this was broken. And my apologies for the over-exposed white hand there. I am pale, but do not generally glow in the daylight. 

You see this sort of thing a lot, back behind where old houses are/used to be. Oh, the olden days before recycling, when everyone tossed their crap behind the house and forgot about it. 

I was also very disappointed that this pail’s bottom was rusted away. 

My other personal favorite is when you’re in the woods and come across a clearing, complete with apple and/or lilac trees. There was a house there at some point, but where did it go!? Who planted those trees!? 
See you later!

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