I’m trying not to bore everyone with all these posts about going out in the woods, which is why last week y’all got a reprieve. But not today, people. Not today. 
The house is finished aside from a few small projects (is installing a range hood a small project? Please say yes.) so every available weekend has been spent going out and exploring the area a bit. Last week we tried to find a lake. (Not just any lake, but a specific one. I’ll shut up now.)

Hoookay. So this lake is located out in the woods, a few hundred feet from the nearest road. We drove back in as far as we could, then struck out. (And then I had to stop and pee. I haven’t peed in the woods in years, so this felt like an accomplishment. This has been an overshare, oh my god.)

The further we walked, the wetter it got. When grass has been replaced by moss, you know you’ve landed in a situation.

That way was a no-go, so we decided to try and walk around to a drier side. We found eye-level ferns.

And then more swamp. We are either idiots that missed a trail to the lake, or there isn’t one, and the only way you can get to it is with waders and a canoe. 

Today is the last day of September, and with the cooling weather I’m going to just sit here and look back fondly on all the good days spent outside. 
You know, before I turn into a frozen Bethsicle and spend the next few months huddled under blankets. 
See you later!