A million apologies if you now have a Christmas song stuck in your head. (Not really. More like evil laughter.) But in this particular household, from opening weekend of bird season through October is the best time of year.
And I just realized I measured time by a hunting season, which proves that you really can’t take the country out of the girl. Anyway. The mosquitoes are nearly all gone (I did get nailed twice on the hand during this trip, which is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick) and the rest of the horrid, biting bugs have been gone for a few weeks already.

This mud smelled awful, by the way. Be thankful there’s no Blog Scent Sharing Plugin. 

We followed a snowmobile trail and found another impoundment. I am now haunted by impoundments. But this one was gorgeous, at least. 

This next picture was taken about a mile back in the woods. The further we went, the more the road disintegrated. Groomed in the winter, left alone in the summer. 

Can you tell how annoying I am to hike with? I have to stop every 45 seconds to take another picture. On the way back out we stopped and rested at the lake for awhile. No bugs = sitting in the grass without having to worry about getting a wood tick on your ass.

I might have laid down. 

This last picture was taken on a different road (and I was the one driving this time around) but I had to throw it in here. A good old logging clear cut, growing up to poplar, but they left a few half-dead trees standing. This boggles my mind. If you’re going to leave 4 trees standing, why pick dead ones? HMMMMM!??! These are the questions, people.

Have a good weekend!

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