You’re probably sick of seeing pictures of this eclipse already, but hey. I’m driving this thing, okay?

Night photography is something I’m still learning, but these pictures look all right. Until I am able to get a 500mm lens for this camera, this is as far as I can zoom the moon in. (I miss being able to take these sort of moon pictures.)

Moonlight on a lake. (Cue romantic music.)

The mosquitoes are nearly all gone, so last night I was able to just sit in front of the house and watch the whole ding-dong thing. It was just me, my camera, and a huge toad that was hanging out under the grill. 
Also, someone on twitter said it was important to stand barefoot in the grass to ground yourself with the moon. So I did. 
See you later!

2 thoughts on “Super Blood Moon”

  1. Thanks for sharing your terrific pictures as it was totally gray, gray, gray here with cloud cover and no sign of the moon, super or otherwise. Did I mention it was gray here?

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