I’m not sure if I’ve ever made it clear before, but I am not low maintenance. I’m not even high maintenance that thinks she’s low maintenance, I am just straight up high maintenance. When I leave the house, I like to look put together. If I go overboard with the makeup, even better. (I am never dressed appropriately, is what I’m trying to say.) The problem with that is I’m really, really cheap, and am always looking for a deal. ALWAYS. 
Liquidator stores can be hit and miss, but if you find a good one, it’s like the angels descend from heaven. (Too much?)

Now this is not pass-down-to-my-ungrateful-children sort of jewelry, obviously, but I like being able to throw on various pieces when I head out the door without having to worry about losing that $2.99 bracelet.  

I picked up the revolver necklace as well, and then realized I already have an axe necklace. 

Apparently, I’m starting a murderous necklace collection. (Also, I call the axe my Lizzie Borden Necklace. I crack myself up.) 
The particular liquidator store I like to shop at has all sorts of things, including a really ridiculous number of scarves. I already have a ridiculous number of scarves, so I tread lightly in that department. This past weekend I did find some liquid lipsticks that I’ve been looking for, so that’s a bonus. (They say gloss on the packaging, but they are fibbing.)

Liquidator stores get a big ‘yea’ vote from me. Anything that keeps me looking on point for a fraction of the cost of a regular retail store gets a big yea. 
Have a good weekend!