It was a three-day weekend, where do you think we went? I’ll give you three guesses, but you’ll only need one.

My windshield pictures are so crappy because the windshield is so dirty in the truck, and will I clean it? No. No I will not. That would give me one less thing to complain about. 
Anyway, we went out for a drive on Monday, after a long morning of sitting around and doing nothing. My goal was to check out an impoundment, which is another word for a dam, which I did not know until recently. When we go out in the woods we head into a national forest 99% of the time, and they have everything marked with signs. Seeing signs for impoundments out in the woods is like…huh? What the hell is an impoundment? NOW I KNOW.

The road looked nice until….

…damn. At least my husband got to climb a gigantic gravel pile, which I believe is frowned upon, but we’ll let it slide. By the way, he scurried up that thing in about twenty seconds, and it would have taken a sherpa, an oxygen tank, and a half hour to get me up there.

It turned out we were on the wrong branch of the road, which is the story of my life. Why can a trip never run smoothly? THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS. Once we found the actual damned impoundment on the correct damned road…

…it was much less exciting than I was hoping. Swampy lake-type-thing. Awesome. 

Before heading back home, we stopped at another lake. (This is northern Wisconsin. I think we drove past about 20 lakes that day, so stopping at only 2 is an accomplishment.) The railing you see in the picture is from a floating pier, and I haven’t been on one of those for so long it was a bit nervous-making, for about thirty-five seconds until I remembered that they’re supposed to bob in the water like that.

The last thing we stopped at was this rock bridge. My husband saw it while he was out driving around for his job, and does that not look like there should be trolls under that bridge? It does. It was on private property, and while I was tempted to ignore that (my sense of right and wrong is sometimes murky, deal with it) and get a closer look, I avoided temptation and snapped my pictures from the road.

Not a bad way to spend a Monday.

See you later!

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  1. An outdoor adventure was a much more exciting way to spend the holiday then my decision to do major housecleaning. I need a drive in the beautiful woods. Lakes make it even better.

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