I realized last week that I only ever post pictures of the woods. Out in the woods. Dirt roads in the woods. Crappy through-the-windshield pictures of the woods. This is because I live in the woods, but still. Most people probably think flat farm fields when they think of Wisconsin, and in certain parts of the state, you would be correct. 
I live in the Northwoods. Or, as some say, Up North. Both of those make my ass twitch. After the 4,000th time you hear them, it gets a little, you know, meh
So let’s start with the familiar, yeah? Crappy through-the-windshield picture.

Bam. A field!

I will admit that this was a slightly prettier area of NE Wisconsin than most. 

And for the first time ever, cows. How I live here and have never, to my knowledge, put up a cow picture before, I don’t know. 

Cows. Who doesn’t love a good cow. I think this picture was taken just after we turned down a road that had AN ABANDONED FARM on it. Not just a barn, but the whole shiteree. The husband couldn’t stop and let me take pictures because someone was right behind us, so we drove on for awhile before turning around and going back.
Now, whoever owns the farm probably thinks I’m a lunatic, because their house was not that far from the abandoned one. 
The things I do for pictures.
See you later!

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