Today (Tuesday afternoon, MARK THE CALENDAR) the internet has been fixed, and I can finally get back to normal. As a person that runs half of her life online, this has been just a massive pain the ass. For some reason it just throws my entire system out of whack. Online bill pay. Blog posts. Bizarre Google searches at all hours. Like WHICH DISTILLERY BREWS PAPPY VAN WINKLE!? I’ve had to wait a frigging week to find that out, thank you very much.

Add to that all the miles I’ve put on going to my in-laws’ to use their internet, and it’s ridiculous. If only I lived in a city, with a Starbucks. And then I could write and drink fancy overpriced coffee and use their WiFi and drive a Vespa.


This trying time has inspired me to find my inner Laura Ingalls, and I have learned many things. Like that there is more time for knitting.

More time for hanging out with friends. 

Catching up on the fine arts. 

Trying new things. 

Rediscovering old passions. 

Enjoying the great outdoors. (I took the 4-wheeler out when my husband was at work and all I could think was that I was somehow going to break it. That’s what usually happens when I am left alone with machinery.) Not afraid of breaking myself, not at all. Just the machine.

God I need a life.

Now I am going to go listen to Pandora (thank you lawd). 

See you later!