All the tourists came up for the Fourth of July, and praise Jesus are heading back home. When one lives in a touristy area…ugh. The town where I live isn’t bad at all, but when you have to, you know, leave and go do things, it’s horrible. Go home, city drivers. 
If I had an extra three months, I could explain why a nice portion of the people of northern Wisconsin dislike people from Chicago. 
When everyone goes home, everything they came up for is still here. 

Crappy through-the-windshield picture!

We were somewhere in this area when we saw a bear. And I yelled “BEEEEEEAAAAAAAARRR!” but he had already ran right back in the woods. 
Ten seconds slower, and he would have been crossing the road and I could have gotten a picture, but alas. When it comes to bears, the Photography Gods do not smile upon me.

We were on this road when we passed a (ahem) rather portly, shirtless man walking down the shoulder. And what do I do? 
I raised the camera, like I was going to take a picture. 
As soon as I realized what I was doing, I lowered it, but good god. That poor guy probably thought he was going to wind up on reddit or something.

In my defense, hiding behind a camera is my natural state of being most of the time, but still. In case you ever thought I maybe wasn’t awkward, there ya go. 

I won’t even go into how many bugs attacked me when I snapped the picture above. I GOT BIT IN THE ARMPIT, PEOPLE.

Here’s a buck. That will make it better.

And a bunny. Because bunnies.

See you later!