Last week. Recapped, for your pleasure.

The last few weeks have been crazy busy, and gawd twitter is easy. A quick plunk on a touchscreen and a thought is zipped out into the world, and that’s that. 
Unlike writing a blog post, which is an easy thing that can sometimes be annoyingly difficult, with all the thinking-of-the-words thing and the picture-uploading thing. Personally, I think all the paint has fried what few brain cells I had left. This afternoon I painted the kitchen ceiling, and would you like to know how easy it is to paint a deeply textured ceiling? Hmmm? It’s about as easy as gluing a frigging spoonful of pudding to the wall.

So. A few more weeks of house craziness, and then hopefully it will be done. Finished. Finito. And I can go back to frolicking through fields of daisies. But in the meantime….I’m always on twitter.

Over and out.