I haven’t done a Photo Friday in awhile, and thought I’d give ‘er a whirl again today. After putting up a suet feeder this fall, there are more chickadees in my yard than in the entire state of Rhode Island, and so of course I challenged myself to get pictures of them in flight, as they zoom from the trees to the lilacs to the suet feeder. These pictures were taken in the beginning of April, by the way, which is why there’s still snow on the ground.
Easier said than done. Did you know that chickadees sort of bob-and-weave when they fly? BECAUSE THEY DO.

Ok, so blurry. But it’s still better than my early attempts; the birds looked like grayish tennis balls in those pictures.

Still a little out of focus, but better. 
They’re little torpedoes. 
Have a good weekend!