I am still covered in paint (I’m painting the kitchen cabinets! And using exclamation points to make it seem fun!) so in lieu of writing another blog post about how we’re fixing up the house (by the way,  we’re hell bent on just finishing the damn thing once and for all, hence all the paint) I figured I’d take a break from it again and ignore reality for a little while longer.
And sweet Jesus, that was all one sentence. Yikes. 
Today, I bring thee one of my favorite things. A 50mm lens. 

If you have a DSLR, I think a nifty fifty is just one of those things that you probably already have. They are tiny things that take fab pictures, and are worth buying, especially considering they are generally inexpensive. If you are a manual shooter that hates auto focus (*raises hand*) then you can get away with buying (usually less expensive) old lenses that were made for film cameras, as long as the mount is the same. I have a weird off-brand ’80s lens that has a Pentax K-mount, which is what my camera still has today.
Mine has an aperture that dips all the way down to 1.9, meaning it will blow out the background into a lovely, blurry mess. Any f-stop 2 or below will do this, even though other things factor into it, like the number of blades in the lens, but holy crap. Who cares.
All I know is that it’s a fun thing to play around with. Here are two pictures I took with a different lens, a zoom lens, back in January, with an aperture of F/4. The background is blurry, but still visible and it’s pretty obvious we’re looking at a Christmas tree. 

These were taken with the 50mm lens, at F/1.9.

My husband was cleaning guns, I was bored, and he just ignored me and went about his work. As the aperture (again, F/1.9) was so small, only a small area in each picture is actually in focus, the rest is blurry.

In this next picture, I almost bonked him in the head with the camera. I’m like one of those annoying tourists that gets in everyone’s way to snap an eye-level picture of a rattlesnake. (That was oddly specific.)

50mm lenses are perfect for portraits, and I like them for pictures like these as well, where the background isn’t the best, and I would rather it not be in focus. At all. 
I would like to do more portraits with this lens, but that means having to go out and talk to the people.
And I don’t like the people. 
The struggle is real.
See you later!

2 thoughts on “A Favorite Thing – 50mm Lens”

  1. As a person using a simple point and shoot camera, I am in awe of your camera skills. This was an excellent demonstration of lenses and settings.

    Your comment about your struggle between wanting to make portraits and not liking people made me chuckle. Maybe you could make animal portraits. Is there such a thing? Of course, getting them to sit still may be a challenge.

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