My camera tells me how many more pictures will fit on each memory card that I use. On Sunday the husband and I went out for a hike in the woods and I wound the first memory card all the way down to 19 pictures. 
Oops. If that’s not a sign that you haven’t taken any pictures off the damned thing in two weeks, I don’t know what is. 
I take so many pictures of birds that today I was able to put an entire post together of the birds that have just casually flown over the house in the past two weeks. Our house is in a wooded (I typed ‘wooden’ first instead of wooded, and now I feel like I got a hoodoo on this blog post) area, near three different lakes. There are always birds around the house, ranging from flickers to geese in the summer and always, always chickadees.
Eagles. (THEY WERE SO HIGH UP THERE! Holy moly!)

I don’t have a clue what this thing is. Juvenile bald eagle? Hawk? A Man-Eating Beakasaurus?


Geese. Sorry they’re so tiny, but most of the time when geese fly low over the house, I am without a camera. And usually end up jumping up and down and pointing at them like a 4-year-old. 

Pelicans. This was a first for me. It’s not like flocks of pelicans fly over the house every day. 

There are still a few birds that elude me. Every spring/summer there are sandhill cranes on a nearby farm, and do you think I’ve ever managed to get a picture of one? OF COURSE NOT. 
See you later!

3 thoughts on “Things That Fly Overhead”

  1. I love watching birds, too. I would never have guessed pelicans in your neck of the woods. One year, my sister was able to photograph the sandhill cranes that were walking around her neighborhood in central Florida. It was crazy to see that they were just walking around the yards and they are BIG birds.

    1. Some were taken from a distance and others from the safety of her car. I'd have to walk my dog in the opposite direction, that's for sure.

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