I certainly did not mean to take a week’s absence from here, but holy moly. Life handed me a chest cold that turned into a head cold, and really, that is just not necessary. Usually I get a cold and it’s no big thing, but this one was a doozy. 
Being sick means that I haven’t been doing a g.d. thing, and yesterday was the first time I left the house in a week. And wore actual pants. 
The house renovations have slowed down, mostly because inhaling sawdust with a set of already-congested lungs is not the best idea. Hopefully by next week I shall have a completed laundry room to show you, minus the fun newspaper
The only thing of note that happened recently is that on Sunday we were supposed to get 2-4 inches of snow. 

This usually happens every April, but still. Boo. 

And seriously, 2-4 inches? More like 9, but hey, who’s counting?

In other news, the birds are back! Robins and juncos have been all over the yard lately. 

Birds, birds everywhere. 
And that’s all the news from here. Oh, well, I did get a new pair of glasses after 9 long years (yes) with my last pair. So eventually I’ll get around to showing those off, especially since they make me look like Mr. Magoo and I kind of dig it. 
See you later!

2 thoughts on “2-4 Inches of Snow”

  1. Snow! Our April cold front meant we dipped below freezing one night. Now we're unseasonably warm and covered in yellow pollen.

    Love the picture of the junco and the bird tracks in the snow. I was also quite happy to see the robins arrive this year.

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