I feel like I haven’t been here in awhile, and that’s silly, because I have. But it’s been over a month since I put up a normal, chatty-type post, everything else has been books or DIY or whatever, because I haven’t been up to a whole lot. So. Today I ramble. If we were on the phone right now, half of you would be doing this. 

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Or you would be if everyone still had rotary phones and OH MY GOD how did I get off topic this fast!? 
Okay. Let’s do this!
The weather this month has been spectacular. February was cold and mildly miserable, but then March rolled around and BAM. Above freezing. 
So what do you do when the weather’s warm? You go out in the woods. Duh. The husband and I have been out three times this week, it’s like crack. This is a sweet spot in time to get out there – my chauffeur (ha) isn’t back to work full-time yet, most of the roads are passable, it’s not too muddy, and there are no bugs yet. In another week or two it will be a soupy mess, and by May the mosquitoes will be out. In force.


On our first trip out we ended up on a very dull road with not much to see, except two chickadees. So we cut across to another town and went from there. And…I saw a boat hoist! I don’t think I’ve ever seen one before, which is ridiculous, because there’s like (hold on, I’m Googling) AHA! 183 lakes in my county alone. This hoist was in the next county over which has…drumroll please…1,100 lakes. Although I believe technically this was a river, as it had a dam on it, hence the hoist. 
Maybe I should stick to the DIY posts if I’m going to ramble this much. Good lord. 

It’s cool though, right? If only I owned a boat, then I could hoist that baby.

These pictures were all taken on the same afternoon, and on the way home I spied with my little eye a very large bird in a tree next to the highway. 

Oh yeah baby. I was so excited, as I don’t have a single non-blurry picture of an eagle. Birds scare me, especially large ones, but I exited the truck and got quite a few pictures before it gave me the stank eye and I lost my nerve. 
I would post more eagle pics, but I think I’ll wait for a Photo Friday to roll around instead of putting them here. 
There are more woods pictures to put up, and I shall also do that at a later date. There’s mud! And water! And I can tell you about the 412 deer I saw that all ran away before I got the camera raised!
See you later!

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