When I first typed that post title, I spelled silhouettes wrong, and it would have been pronounced sill-hoots. 
I need a life. 
Anyway, I love silhouette photography. It’s a photo taken of anyone or anything in front of a bright background, and the person/object is silhouetted against the light. 
Yesterday was snowy and unpleasant, and I was bored, so I played
around with silhouettes. This picture is what the plant on the
windowsill looks like in a regular photo. 

When silhouetted…

It’s just an underexposed photo. But it’s cool!

These are not great pictures, because I was playing around and learning the technique. I love silhouette pictures taken in front of the rising or setting sun, but any bright light source will do the trick. 

For those wondering, this photo was taken at f/7.1, shutter speed 1/160, and ISO 100. The relatively fast shutter speed is what gives us the silhouette – it’s not open long enough to flood the image with light, so the bright background comes through just fine, but everything else is dark. 
Fun! Now if I can just get my dog to cooperate, then I could get some really fun silhouette pictures. 
(That won’t happen.)
See you later!