When I bought this plant last year there was no tag on it that gave the name, so all this time I’ve been calling it ‘fuzzy plant.’ It’s not too far off, it’s actually called a velvet plant or purple passion. I’ll stick with velvet plant, thanks very much. 
Anyway. Mine is blooming!

I’ve read that you’re supposed to cut the flowers off because they smell bad. I haven’t noticed anything though, so will let them go until further notice. 
I love it when houseplants bloom in the winter, it’s a much-needed blast of color in an otherwise snow-covered world up here. 
Have a good weekend!

2 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Velvet Plant”

  1. Your velvet plant brought back memories as I had one close to forty years ago and had forgotten all about it although I don't remember it blooming. Maybe it did, I just can't remember.

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