Recently it occurred to me that my office was moved last year to a different part of the house and  I never mentioned it. That’s not the most exciting thing in the world, but then I found out about this company called WeWork, a coworking company that is all about innovative workspaces.
The WeWork offices are, in a word, amazing. Mine is decidedly not, but hey. It’s what I got. They inspired me to finally share my less-than-awesome workspace.

My old office was a small room and my desk is a 7+ foot behemoth. You do the math. Last year we moved the whole shebang upstairs to what in a fancier house would be called the ‘den.’

I tried to do a shot of the whole office, but the way it’s positioned makes it impossible. So you’ll have to settle for pictures of individual areas.

Everything is corralled and organized, because I am forgetful and lose things within minutes of setting them down. Having a place for everything speeds up my work and keeps the desktop clutter-free. (For the most part, anyway.) I’m running two Etsy shops at the moment, and sometimes speed is of the essence when it comes to getting shipments out the door.

Shelving units and drawers, y’all. They’re where it’s at. As a vintage lover, I like to throw in useful pieces wherever possible. Old metal boxes hold files and miscellaneous office supplies, and an old Kodak sits on the record player. (The camera still gets used!)

I took the drawers out of an old dresser, painted it white, lined it with shelf paper, and now it holds all my craft supplies. 
In neatly labeled bins. Obviously. 
This summer I hope to give the room a makeover – the old faux wood paneling is not cool, and it will get a coat of paint as soon as the weather warms up. That and some bright artwork on the walls will make a huge difference. 
Now, go forth and organize. 
See you later!

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  1. I'm trying to imagine hauling that 7+ foot desk upstairs. No, I can't figure out how you did it without pain.

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