Last week I stumbled upon a makeup clearance at ShopKo. I was pleased, to say the least, as a bunch of my products needed replacement. 
Lipstick clearance! $0.69 each! AAAAAAHHHHH. CoverGirl Lip Perfection lipsticks, Physician’s Formula Pearl Bronzer, and NYC High Definition mascara. The mascara was not part of the clearance, but it is new.
So I’ve been closer to 30 than 20 for awhile now, and have wanted to switch up my makeup routine, to highlight what’s good and hide what’s not so good. Like applying bronzer high on the cheekbones, forehead, and jawline to contour the face a little. (First time I tried it, my hand was a wee bit heavy and I came out looking like I was attacked by a bottle of self-tanner.)

But there are other things as well, like a brown eyeliner instead of black, as it’s less harsh. And of course I’ve had to try out all the lip colors, which I did over the course of the weekend. 

This next picture is so not what I look like on a daily basis. I DO NOT WAKE UP LIKE THIS. 

 But the thing I was most excited about was PURPLE LIPSTICK. It looks like a crayon!

And once it’s on….it’s still awesome. Love it. 

The lipsticks are awesome, love them all. The bronzer is quite nice, as long as I keep a light touch. The mascara….well. I bought it because it was cheap, and good Lord when did mascara get so expensive!? It works well, but the brush comes out of the tube with so much freaking goop on it that it clumps the lashes. Badly. So now I take it out and wipe the excess off on a kleenex, and then it works like a charm. 
So I’m still futzing about with the new makeup routine, and there are a few things I haven’t put on the blog yet that probably deserve a mention. I’ll get to them eventually!
Go and buy purple lipstick. 
Seriously. Go.