In my last post I mentioned wanting to talk about a few things, and now for the life of me I can’t remember what they were, except this one: after four years, the Black Spruce Hound vintage shop on Etsy is closing. I’m keeping the store name and may do something else with it in the future, but its current incarnation is now finished. There are reasons I’m closing it, but none are very interesting and there are too many to list. The biggest one may just be that I need a break.
I am not at all sad about this, which means it’s probably the right thing to do for right now. It was never a hugely successful endeavor, but it did buy me quite a few books (and shoes) over the years.
Some neat things have passed through that shop!

I might reopen it in a few years, or sell something else in it besides old stuff. Who knows?

But here are a few things I’ve learned about having a vintage store on Etsy:
A.) Mileage adds up fast. If you live a long distance from everywhere, like I do, then prepare to be stunned when you do your income taxes and find out you’ve made a fraction of what you thought you did, because of all the miles you had to drive to get anywhere. 
B.) International shipping is a little scary, but worth it. 
C.) Your shop is not guaranteed to be a success, and you have to put a lot of work into advertising. I never did, which is one reason why my shop was never a big moneymaker. (I refused to create a Facebook page, for example.)
D.) The Etsy Forums are only so helpful, with their endless advice about photos and SEO. The bottom line is that if someone wants what you’re selling, they’ll buy it – horrible photos and all. 
E.) That being said, turn your damn flash off and take some nice photos. 
F.) There will be times Etsy will change something on their end, and the bottom will drop out of your shop. There’s nothing you can do but roll with the changes. (Cue REO Speedwagon song.)
The shop will be open for awhile yet, but will close sometime this spring. Yay for change!
See you later!