This winter is not nearly as bad as last year. It’s been warm enough to actually, you know, go outside and do things. Don’t get me wrong, going outside still involves putting on 14 layers. (Cotton leggings do indeed fit underneath skinny jeans, in case you’ve ever wondered.) Ahem.

In the house.
Doing stuff outside. Complete with sexy canvas coat that makes me look like a big beige marshmallow. 

Winter is not the most exciting time around here, unless you’re into snowmobiling (no) or ice fishing (no) or watching football (no) or…I dunno, whatever else people do in the winter. This past weekend I threw firewood into the basement and steam-cleaned the living room furniture.

And then I Scotchgard-ed it. Like a boss.

Snow removal is a necessary evil every year. (See: The Swamp of Death, and The Great Snow of 2012.) It seems like every other year or so we’ve needed something different to plow snow, partially because what we were using was either so old it came over on the Mayflower, or we were too cheap to buy something halfway decent. We’ve had someone else do it, a pickup truck, a tractor, then another truck, and very, very briefly, a snowblower. And we got so frustrated that now we have this thingy.

We’ve had it for a few months now and it’s pretty cool. Plus, it lets me be even lazier because…

…that’s right, folks. The sidewalk can now be plowed.


Sometimes we hook a little trailer on the back and use it to haul firewood, which is somehow more fun when you get to zoom around on a 4-wheeler. (I don’t actually zoom. I think I’ve gone 10 miles per hour. Once.)

Mario Andretti I am not.

So yeah. Winter is not very exciting. If I were wealthy I would spend the winter somewhere else and we wouldn’t be having this conversation, but alas.

I need to find me a sugar daddy. 

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  1. I guess you can always pretend that closeup of the snow is a white, sandy beach. Of course, you'd need a really good imagination. Congratulations on your new snow removal equipment. It looks fun to drive.

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