Right now the pictures going up on the blog are severely lacking in diversity. When I bought my camera I ordered a big honking zoom lens, and then realized that taking pictures inside the house was going to be exceedingly difficult, as it focuses so far out it’s just impossible to get certain things in the frame. I am a doofus.
A smaller lens has been ordered and now there’s just the wait for it to get here. In the meantime I’ve been taking pictures outside, where the zoom comes in handy. That means the husband’s antics have been the subject of many an afternoon. He usually works seasonally and has winters off, and this year he’s been hauling scrap.
You know how a normal person saves, I dunno, a few wood scraps and leftover paint because they might come in handy someday? My lovely spouse saves metal. And iron. And whatever else he can get his hands on, until he has too much and has to get rid of it. It’s a cycle.

That was one load. He hauled seven.


It was mostly a semi. This thing. (Look, another blurry picture from my dearly departed camera.)

It was an old project of his (no, I don’t know why) and it had sat here for years, untouched except for moving it around the yard like a 4-ton lawn ornament. The title was lost, and selling it seemed like a gigantic waste of time.

The answer, obviously, was to cut it apart.

That entailed cutting the cab apart, the frame, removing the axles, etc, and hauling the axles down to the garage while they slipped and spun and generally went every which way they were not supposed to, including whacking the back end of the truck.
(Oddly enough, it hit hard enough to make the back of the truck fishtail, but left no damage. Thank goodness, because the truck is so cherry. 0_o.)

At the garage, these thingies were removed. I’m not going to pretend to know what those are, but they look neat. 
All of this sounds horribly rural, but that is just how we roll. Apparently. Maybe next week I’ll post pictures of all the things my husband has set on fire in the last two weeks. (That’s not a joke.)
See you later!