On Saturday the husband and I were out in the woods again. (I have a lot of posts about being out in the woods. It’s my jam, apparently.)

The road to where we were going wasn’t bad, as it’s a town road that is kept plowed in the winter. Once we were out there, it slowly deteriorated. 

Hey look! A blurry deer! The situation with my camera is getting worse, if I have to zoom in on anything, it will more than likely be blurry. My kingdom for a camera. 

Now the road doesn’t look bad, but it had been plowed with a piece of machinery, not an actual plow truck, for the express purpose of log trucks going in and out. So there are ruts from log trucks, bumps the blade on the machine missed, and just a general sense of roughness. It was also below freezing outside, so these bumps and ruts were frozen solid. 
My brain was bounced around so much in my skull that I’m fairly certain some of it dribbled out of my ears. But my head didn’t hit the ceiling of the truck, so it couldn’t have been too bad. 

I think my husband views these things as a personal challenge. How far in the woods can I go before getting stuck? When you go somewhere and have to take a winch along as a precaution…I don’t even know. Men
I also forgot to take pictures of the road where it was the roughest, probably because I was clinging to the oh-shit bar for dear life.

Did we get stuck? Of course not. Every time I think we will, we won’t even come close. But after an hour of bouncing around we headed home, with only a minimum of snow and clumps of dried grass clinging to the truck’s underbody. 
See you later!