The Queen would like to wish everyone happy holidays. 
She was not amused at the time this picture was taken. Obviously. 
This will be the only post up here this week, unless I can sneak in a quick picture on Friday. (Which, let’s face it, I probably will. I am not that busy.)
The next two days will be spent cleaning the house, baking, and cleaning out my closet. (Don’t ask. Well, okay, it involved a 4-year-old-type I HAVE NOTHING TO WEEEAAAAR tantrum.) And then presents and family and wine. 
I am making red wine hot chocolate. Which is either going to be really good or really terrible. We shall see.
So. Whatever you’re celebrating this year, I hope it is happy and merry. 
Happy Holidays!

2 thoughts on “Happy, Merry”

  1. Too cute! I bet she even has the royal wave down. Wishing you have a joyous Christmas. Looks like Queen Dog has already started the festivities.

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