The plan was to have a granola/energy bar recipe up here today, but I took a nap yesterday that led to a chain of unfortunate events. I forgot that the natural light here is gone by 4, so I was late in getting started. Then I had them in the oven and thought, eh, I’ll photograph them tomorrow, when my father-in-law got stuck in the driveway. 
He was attempting to plow it at the time. 
So the bars came out of the oven, then my husband got stuck, and by the time I actually finished the damn things it was after 6. And they didn’t turn out quite right. 
Therefore…no recipe. Just a few pictures of what I shall call The Quite Great Snow of 2014. From Monday morning to last night well over a foot of snow fell. I realize I live in the land of ice and snow, but this is unusual even for us. 
Last year, November:

One of those was taken AT THE END OF THE MONTH. 
And today:

If I weren’t so terrified at the thought of seeing my first cockroach, I would be booking a flight to Boca Raton right now. 

See you back here for Photo Friday!

2 thoughts on “The Quite Great Snow of 2014”

  1. Which is scarier, a foot of snow or a cockroach? Or maybe a cockroach in a foot of snow?

    Looks like a wet, heavy snow. At least, you'll get an early start on your snow scenes for your Christmas cards.

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