Today this area is supposed to get a metric shit-ton of snow, so I thought it would be a good time to wrap up Part II of my dream diary, fueled by antibiotics. Then I can go cuddle under a blanket and pretend I live in Bermuda.

Part I of the dream diary dealt with three dreams of not-so-weird quality. These two are…weirder.

So here it is – Beth’s Medication Fueled Dream Diary, Part II, GIF-Illustrated For Your Pleasure

Night 3: I was riding my bicycle (I don’t actually own a bike, but go with it) up and down my street, collecting maple leaves that had fallen. They were bright red and the size of dinner plates, so I grabbed a bunch and then headed home. In the driveway, and in the lawn, were a bunch of cars. Several relatives (that I have nothing to do with in real life) had shown up, with an entire brood of children. Seriously, like eight kids were running around.

I decided to take off, as these people were invading my own home and I apparently would rather leave than deal with it, but before I left one of my sisters-in-law asked me to pick her up some drugs. Pills. I had no problem with this. Add ‘drug mule’ to my resume.

So I went and picked up the drugs, which were big capsules that were either clear or purple. I went back home, holding handfuls of hallucinogenic drugs against my stomach so I wouldn’t drop any (that drug dealer must have been a cheap bastard to not even give me a baggie, sheesh.) and headed up to my bedroom. The house was empty, so I thought I was in the clear.

When I got upstairs, someone had taken the bed out of my room and replaced it with the kitchen table, and around it sat all eight children.

They were singing ‘Oh Happy Day.’

I backed out of my bedroom, clutching drugs, and sent a text to my sister-in-law that said something to the effect of ‘you will not believe what it going on my house right now. I can’t make this stuff up.’

Weird Rating: I would give this one a solid, solid 8.
Night 4: My husband and I were at his parents’ house, and he had been seeing a wolf around the property. He spotted it again and ran out on the front porch, determined to shoot it. (Because that’s what we do in the country, we shoot things.) Before he could, I asked that he wait a minute so I could get a picture.

I raised the camera, zoomed in, took a picture, and then told him, “You can’t shoot that!”

He asked why, and I replied, “Because! That’s not a wolf, it’s a ponatuse!”

He asked what a ponatuse was, and I could not believe he had never heard of it. A ponatuse, obviously, is a 50-ish pound rabbit with the front legs of a dog. It has foot-long ears that hang down, unless it senses danger and then it raises them up like giant antennas.

A ponatuse is a gentle creature, and therefore he did not shoot it.

Weird Rating: 9. When your brain comes up with all-new creatures, it’s weird.

After that last one about the ponatuse I reached the end of my medication cycle, and the weird dreams went away. I don’t exactly miss them, but it was a real trip to go to sleep for awhile there.

Enjoy the rest of your day. I am going to go find that blanket to curl under.

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  1. These were two terrifically weird dreams. Amazing that you could remember them so well. I was going to have to look up a ponatuse because it was new to me, but apparently, it was new to you, too.

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