I have weird dreams, okay? And every time I say that I get 14 other people saying ‘OMG, no, my dreams are just so like, super weird.’ Why this must always turn into a dick measuring contest, I don’t know, but let me just say that because of my overactive imagination and anal-retentive attention to detail, I’ve had some whoppers.

The medication I was on last week made it worse. Like, I have to share these because they are so utterly bizarre.

So here it is – Beth’s Medication Fueled Dream Diary, Part I, GIF-Illustrated For Your Pleasure.

Night 1: My husband and I renewed our wedding vows at the local town hall (yikes) and he decided to take my last name. You know, try it out, see if it works.

Weird Rating, from 1 to Lady Gaga: a 2. Pretty tame. And my reaction to the concept of wedding vow renewal in general:


Night 2: A twofer. First up we had the red velvet cake tasting. WHICH SHOULD TOTALLY BE A THING. I was with my sister and my dad and we debated the various qualities of a bunch of red velvet cakes. We were trying to find one that tasted like my grandma’s red velvet cake, although to my recollection the woman never made red velvet cake. My sister chose one she thought was close, but my father deemed the crumb to be too heavy.

Weird Rating: a 4. Tame, but odd.

Next up, I was dating a farmer. We had absolutely nothing in common except for a love of music, and he was extremely good looking, so what the hell, right? We sat on his porch every night and listened to music. All was going swimmingly until he had me listen to a country song called ‘Fiddlesticks, Fiddlesticks.’

Weird Rating: a 4. Fiddlesticks…

I have no idea why certain things give a person weird dreams, and I’m too lazy to google it. All I know is that being on those meds was a trip. The remaining two weird dreams will be posted next week, and I saved the best strangest for last.

See you later!


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  1. I thought of you this morning when I woke up from a very detailed dream. Unfortunately, I don't have any clever GIF illustrations to share. Enjoyed this post and illustrations.

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