You kinda have to love a bird called a nuthatch. I spotted a bunch of them yesterday morning when I went outside to feed the chicken and duck. First I saw chickadees and  grabbed the camera, then saw that they were mixed with the nuthatches. 
It’s nearly impossible for me to get pictures of chickadees because they move so fast, and nuthatches are just as bad. They’re like 12 year-olds on a permanent sugar high.

So the picture isn’t great, because it was taken in a hurry and I was moving too much and the bird was moving too much. But there it is, a nuthatch.

Have a good weekend! Mine will be spent trying to shake off the last of this cold, or whatever the heck it is that I have, but I digress.

Go forth and gorge on the Halloween candy.

2 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Red-Breasted Nuthatch”

  1. Beth's sister Sarah here. Our father used to call a nuthatch an 'ass-up-a-tree,' which he got from his dad. I didn't know they were called anything else until I was like 12. It was fun to explain that in school..

  2. Nice nuthatch picture. We have them here, but not with the red breast. I can always identify them because they move down the trees head first. They also make the most unusual sound.

    By the way, do I have you to thank for sending the chilly weather and cold wind this weekend? I'm sure you had more than enough to share.

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