Okay, so I’m phoning this one in today. These are more pictures that have been found during the Great Memory Card Cleanup of 2014. The first one even made it to Instagram, but I forgot to put it on here. 

These were from two separate summer storms. The first was just plain cool, the clouds were so…voluptuous.

The second I like because it rolled in…in a straight line. Weird.

It’s been cold this week, windy and in the 40s, so I haven’t been taking many pictures. (Hence digging through the camera’s memory card.)

But I will say this – there is at least one bluejay that every day, before noon, lands on the fence in the front yard. Every. Damn. Day. It flies away before I can get a picture, and I’ve been trying to get a picture every.damn.day.

In short, I hate them.

Have a good weekend!