I didn’t even notice that the post that went up on Wednesday was my 500th post. And it involved a GIF of a fictional Queen Victoria and a dude on a chariot. Quality, quality writing here people. The Pulitzer is in the mail. 
Anyway, to celebrate, here’s two pictures! I try to take pictures of leaves falling every single year, and am usually successful, but just because I manage to get a picture does not mean it looks good. These are all right, but I forgot about the damn power lines. 

 I tried to get the lines out of frame in this next one, with zero success.

But still. Leaves! Falling!
The colors were dull and dark, so these were also edited mercilessly. I greatly enjoy editing pictures, which is probably a classifiable illness, but I dialed up the saturation on these so the leaves were bright. 
The leaves are still hanging on, but now the tamaracks are changing color. Winter is coming, and I am trying to be positive about it. Which has never been one of my strong suits, but I’m working on it. 
Have a good weekend!

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