A few weeks ago I mentioned being out in the woods, looking for something, but ending up on the wrong road. (Story of my life.) I recently tried again and this time got it right – we went to an old logging camp a mile or so back in the woods on an unmarked road.

An old truck or car hood. 

Leaves everywhere. 

A clearing with a sea of ferns killed by frost. 

It was so hot that day. Flannel was not necessary.

Ta-da! This is it! A clearing at the end of the road. It was a large clearing, but the trees have grown up so much that it was difficult to find much of anything.

There’s not much left, just old, old logs. 

Part of an old stove. 
And more logs. 
Not the most exciting stuff, but hey! An old camp! (Coincidentally, I was in this nest of pines or spruces or whatever the hell they are and a spider fell down my shirt. Chaos ensued.)
Also, wild turkey tail feather. Always a bonus.
On the way home we stopped at another camp, this one being a CCC camp, marked by a sign. The camp back in the woods may have been a CCC camp, I have no idea, as it isn’t marked. There were CCC camps all over the country during and after the Great
Depression and the ones in northern Wisconsin dealt mostly with tree
planting and road building. You see a lot of these signs when you’re out and about, but most the camps are long gone, just marked by a big open field. 

Like this one. Not even an old log is left to be found.

The weather has turned cold, windy, and there was a dusting of snow on Saturday morning, so our woodland jaunts have drawn to a close for now. Well, that, and my damn car is still broken down, so that tends to hamper things as well. 
See you in a few!

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  1. What a gorgeous fall hike! I'm back from a family visit and trying to catch up on my reading. You could make a series of note cards from some of these beautiful fall scenes. Hint, hint.

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