This dress was in my favorites on Etsy for a few weeks before I had a few drinks bit and bullet and bought it. It wasn’t expensive at all, but that’s just how I roll – fret about buying myself something until I’ve spent so much time dickering that someone else buys it. 

I love it. Of course. I look like a pack of Lifesavers. 

Some sort of bug crawled up my camera’s butt and died, methinks, because the last few times I’ve tried to take self portraits the damn thing won’t focus correctly. I took So.Many.Pictures of myself wearing this dress and only a handful turned out being both in focus and minus a stupid facial expression. 

And there’s my Golden Secret of Self Portraiture – to not look like the Hindenburg and to not look like I dropped 40 IQ points on the ground. 

I did have a completely different post in mind for today, a knitting post, but I didn’t finish it in time. The dog hadn’t been feeling well since last Wednesday (diarrhea) and it only got worse (VOLCANIC diarrhea) and the husband
and I ran her to the vet on Saturday morning. She’s fine, but has an
overgrowth of good bacteria and needs antibiotics and a bland diet for
She’s already feeling much better, as you can see:
 But now it’s back to the knitting, which I can hopefully finish sometime before January. 
See you later!

4 thoughts on “70s Roll of Lifesavers Dress”

  1. I LOVE the dress! It looks great on you. I always like stuff like that but sadly, I am not a dress person. I just can't pull off the look. So my creative expression always shows in my jewelry instead. 🙂

  2. I saw the weather forecast for colder weather heading your way and here you are wearing a pretty summer dress. That's positive thinking!

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