This may be more accurately titled ‘Last Week in 1956’ but we’ll just get on this scooter and ride, shall we? 
Years ago while cleaning I came across a newspaper, a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, from 1956. My grandma (presumably) was the one that saved it, and why she saved it I have no idea. Maybe she knew someone in one of the stories, maybe it was meant to be thrown out and never was. I’ve held onto it for a few years of my own and thought I’d finally put the darn thing up on the blog, as it’s dated July 12th. Timely, except for the 58 year gap part.


Please read the advice given in this last picture. It’s a hoot. 
I don’t know if I’ll put more pictures up, but fear not. If you see something that catches your eye, you can do a search for it on the Journal Sentinel website using the Historic Archive Search.
I’m just over here wishing I could pop into that Gimbels 3-Day Sale 58 years too late. 
See you later!

5 thoughts on “This Week in 1956”

  1. Yeah, it's interesting to study history/English and see the bullshit that was written back in that era. After the Civil War especially (since more middle and upper class women were losing slaves and helpers) women were degraded with advertisements. Appliances got more popular/affordable for the average household — to the point that most of the advertisements sometimes openly called women useless, dumb and boring in their advertisements. Many women bought in to it, too, and most of their self-worth was lost when they worked by themselves all day in the home with little social interaction. (Since most at the time remembered hand-washing clothes, and doing hard, time-consuming chores, the new 'liesure' time appliances afforded them drove some of them nuts.) I'm no feminist, and it's interesting that now commercials show men as the big bumbling idiots around the house. That's a real 360-degree turn right there!

  2. I'm loving that Gimbels sale. How about if I time travel with you so we can both take advantage of those prices? Of course, I'd need to dress appropriately including my gloves, hat, stockings and heels. What time shall we meet?

    Oh, and don't forget to eat something before we go. We surely don't want low blood sugar!

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