A few days ago I cleaned up the SD card for my camera. Holy crap. There were 5 month old pictures on there, and tons of pictures that were meant to go on the blog but never seemed to fit into a post. I picked out a few random pictures for today’s Photo Friday.
This robin likes to hang on a limb that sticks out of our firewood pile. 

The mock orange in the backyard was finished blooming weeks ago, but here are a few more pictures of it anyway.  Preeetty.

The SD card is clean and most (ahem) of my pictures are now in order, so next week’s Photo Friday should be more….normal. 
Have a good weekend!

One thought on “Photo Friday: Robins and Mock Oranges”

  1. I loved the mock orange in the yard of a previous house. Yours is especially beautiful. I'm also enjoying the robins that greet me most mornings when I walk our dog. Somehow, they always make me smile and I'm happy to see them arrive each year.

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