I know everyone loves blue jays because they’re pretty, but they are not one of my favorites. They make the most godawful screeching noises you’ve ever heard. And when you have a herd (a HERD, I say!) of them in your yard all screeching at once….not cool. 
But they are pretty. And they spook easily, I have a hard time getting a picture of one. But today I present…blue jay behind. 

The little bugger would not turn around and the only pictures I managed to get before he flew off were of the back end. Money shots. 

I haven’t seen one around since, but am keeping a lookout so I can get some full-frontal pics next.

Have a good weekend!

2 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Blue Jay Butt”

  1. I've never tried to take a photo of our blue jays, but they move around so much it would be difficult. You'd never call them tranquil. I think you did good to get their hind ends, but you actually even captured an eyeball in the first one.

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